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Friday, March 12, 2010

We Survived

Lily spent 3 hours in day care today.  I am not sure what to think just yet.  The teachers told me she cried off and on the whole time.   She was the most upset when they asked her to sit in a chair at the table to eat.  They were very concerned that she couldn't hold a cup, self feed or eat much.

She really put them through all the paces.  Of course she can feed herself and hold a cup.  When she is firmly set on something, she won't be compliant.  She didn't like sitting in a chair - PERIOD!!!!!  They attempted art projects today, as well.  As you can guess, it wasn't her idea.  No way she was going to participate.

One of her cutest (most aggravating) characteristics, is her independence.  As long as she is making the decisions, all is fine.  When I try to ask her to do something, her first reaction is to cry and melt to the floor.  Thankfully her tantrums don't last long.  I am trying to keep calm, patient and consistent.  Most of all I am keeping a sense of humor about it, she is just frustrated.  I have to admit it is pretty funny when she follows me, when I try to ignore her tantrum.  She will even come over to me and pull on my pants or hit me to show her frustration.  She isn't a silent sufferer.

I am happy to see that all of this is not saved only for me.  She is spirited!  I think she is going to be a lawyer.  To be honest, I have to admit it is very trying at best to stay centered.  I find myself taking deep breaths and counting 10 many times during a day.  I have a theory about why girl's clothes are so darn cute.   When they demonstrate their differing opinions, it keeps us from getting SO ANGRY with them :)  Try to get mad at a little girl in a tutu and halo!!!!  It is impossible!!  I need to purchase a lifetime supply of tutus.

Take a look at this face and tell me you can get mad at it:

One blessing today, she didn't hit anyone!!!!  Celebrating small successes.  Tomorrow is a new day, pray for her teachers!!!!  I don't think I have seen so much relief on one person's face, until I came to pick up Lily.  (I am not referring to Lily.)

Shannon Henrici – NWAtlantaMommies Member since August 2008 
She is a writer for My Baby Clothes Boutique where you can find trendy baby clothes and tutus!

1 comment :

  1. It is hard to send kids to daycare - some adjust well, some don't.

    My Sammie has been in/out of daycare her whole life and I think it made her a pretty well adjusted little girl. She now "goes with the flow" and she is better at expressing her feelings/thoughts in a verbal way.

    She will get used to the daycare and staff and they will get used to her - it is that simple.


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