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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saw Nose Shark on the mind

Sean and I took Megs and Emi to the Camden Aquarium in New Jersey this past weekend.

It is a vast building with 5 different areas to stroll about.   Sharks, manta ray, bonito, plenty of jelly fish, spider crabs and more.  You can reach in the shark tank and touch sharks and manta ray, or stroll outside to see the penguins and seals.  On the other side of the compound kiddos can see a real live porcupine, 2 Hippos and many beautiful birds. One of the highlights of the day was the  and the sign under a tree that says “Birds poop every 15 minutes. How long have you been standing here?” We were there for about 10 minutes before we noticed the sign. Whew.

On the way home, I found myself thinking about the saw nose shark. What in evolution would cause a shark to develop a saw for a nose. It is not as though it has an leverage with which to rub it’s body up and down to actually saw something in half. Nor does it have arms with which to hold on to something and rub it up and down along its jagged nose. So, why does it have this nose? And honestly, it does look exactly like a saw. Serrated edges and all.

After the girls were in bed, my silly amusement with the saw nose shark returned and again, I found myself musing over this crazy looking hunter of the sea.   Google?  Yes indeed.  Seems  our friend the saw nose shark is not the only one with a crazy tool for a nose. There is a saw nose fish too. Yep, not kidding.  And did you know that some sharks lay eggs(all of which are SQUARE), some give birth to babies and some sharks lay eggs that stay inside the mother until they are hatched, then they are delivered by the mother. Pretty cool huh?  

Among the myriad of semi-useless information about sharks, I did stumble upon the reason for our friend Ginsu Shark. “Sawfishes use their rostral saws in the capture of prey items. The saw is used to probe muddy or silty bottoms in search of marine invertebrates. When an invertebrate is located, it is lifted to the surface of the sediment by using the saw as a rake. It may also be used by the sawfish as it swims through schools of fish to stun or injure small fishes which it feeds on.”

Ah question answered. Now I can have my chardonnay and sleep in peace.

Oh things to note about the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey:
·         Stroller accessible, and frankly a good idea for the squirts.
·         Restrooms and lockers available at the entrance.
·         CafĂ© serving lunch and an umbrella stand with ice cream, soft pretzels and hot dogs.
·         Parking is $10.
·         Tickets are $22 for parents, $18 for kiddos and free for kiddos under 2
·         Look for discount tickets, maybe even call the ticket office and ask where you can find the discount tickets.

And a final note:  Hold on to those kiddos, I heard 2 announcements for “lost children” during the 2.5 hours I was there.

Adventure Aquarium
Camden, New Jersey

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1 comment :

  1. Don't forget the Hammerhead shark. There is whole tool chest in the ocean!!! :)


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