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Monday, March 1, 2010

New Method - get a load of this Ferber!

Although I am fearful someone such as Dr. Sears or Dr. Ferber will catch wind of this new and exciting sleep method, steal it for their own and make millions off of it, I am going to share it with you anyway.  I feel it is the only responsible thing to do.

Let me preface it with this: last night was night one and I did not get a whole lot more sleep than usual.  Nor did Big Dub sleep any long blocks.  But, it was just enough to give me hope.

The method: play dead.  While I think this is a little morbid and I do feel bad for Big Dub, at least if the hubs or I ever did die in our sleep and he was the one to stumble upon us, he might not be traumatized for life.

We have his little mattress right next to ours.  I got him totally asleep last night and put him down.  The hubs and I followed within minutes - hub sleeping on Big Dub's side to help block the eau de mama leche scent only Big Dub can smell.  Within an hour and a half he was up, crying on his mattress until he realized we were not budging.  He then cried, which is more like a complaining, he has a very interesting noise that sounds like a big fat complaint and not really a cry, and crawled onto the bed.  He writhed around on dad's side for a while, complaining and begging for mercy.  Hubs and I stayed strong and remembered our pact: no moving, at all.

Big Dub then began his descent over dad, presumably to get to mom.  I heard a lot of grunting and strange noises coming from the infant bull.  After a couple minutes of this I got an ever so slight tap, tap from the hubs.  I smoothly and stealthily moved only my head to see what was going on.
Big Dub had made it over the giant dad, only to be stuck on the other side.  Big Dub's face was in dad's neck, his belly somewhere around his shoulder (dad was lying on his side) and Dub's feet were straight up in the air.  It was all either of us could do to stop from cracking up laughing at the ridiculous position he had gotten himself into.  We both refrained and Big Dub eventually righted himself, curled and tucked himself into dad's neck, halfway on top of dad's pillow, put his butt in the air and went to sleep.

This was amazing.  The whole episode took about a half an hour, but that is nothing compared to the hours of crying he did while standing in his crib.  He woke every two hours and repeated this scenario, but the point is, he went to sleep on his own.    And, after his initial 4-wheeling episode over dad, he stayed where he was and did not continue his journey another 16 inches over to my portion of the bed.  He went to sleep comforted by dad!  Not once did dad or I respond to his complaints and curses, we played dead like true zombies, or maybe more like parents of an infant who has been up every two hours since birth.

I am not sure where this falls in the categories of sleep training.  I think it needs it own category as we may be the only ridiculously tired parents that have combined crying it out with co-sleeping.



I'm just and average mama who's not afraid to say all the things you know you are thinking.  Or just not smart enough to keep my mouth shut.

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