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Monday, March 8, 2010

Knitting Therapy

I am pretty new in this craft of knitting.  There is so much to learn.  I am not sure what path I want to take.  I have found resources for those into the creation of fibers - spinning, weaving, hand dying yarn etc.  The other group loves to create different patterns, some do it for the simplicity. 

I have found myself interested into all three different areas.  I love seeing new yarns and seeing how they make up into a piece.  The styles, types of yarns, textures, colors, and the different ways each can be done is so exciting.  I go crazy in a yarn shop!  Try it sometime, walk around and just feel the soft cashmere, silk, bamboo and fun fur.   Then add the bright colors, mixed colored yarns and cool hand dyes.  I also tend to love the sparkly, beaded and sequined yarn.  There is something for everyone!  Each time I feel a new yarn, my brain goes into overdrive creating pieces in my head for each type of yarn.

Because of my love for new creations, the drive to try new patterns kicks in each time I finish a project.  I find that as I am adding the finishing touches to a piece, my mind wanders to the next creation.  The complexity of new patterns motivates me.  I have been knitting for only two years, but I have been doing more complicated patterns from the beginning.  I love to see a cable pattern come out perfectly.  Nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction when I tackle and complete a complicated lace, celtic knot, flower, or scalloped edge.  I made a beret with some lace pattern detail for my little girl.  Pretty awesome feeling when someone mentions the hat and how they like it.  I am proud of my little girl and I love showing her off in my creations.

The above reasons for my knitting can make my task a little daunting at times.  When I find myself overwhelmed with life, I don't want to make any decisions about my craft.  Those days are when I can appreciate the simplicity of knitting.  I can knit a stockinette stitch over and over to relax my mind.  The feeling of satisfaction comes from watching the piece grow.  Great little stockinette hats are good for this type of knitting.  Because of the versatility of knitting, when I get that urge to add some bling I can embroider it, add a ribbon or pom pom.

Knitting is so peaceful.  I think about women sitting together in rocking chairs, sharing their lives, their creations and friendship.  Watch a knitting group sometime.  You will see many generations of women able to cross the barriers of life and come together on a common field.  The more experienced knitters love to teach their craft to the newbies.  The newbies are soaking up this knowledge and showing ultimate respect for those who are experienced.  The experienced knitters renew their excitement and love for their craft through the enthusiasm of the newbies. 

Have you ever been somewhere and seen someone either knitting or crocheting?  Each time I have been out knitting, inevitably someone asks me about my project.  What a great way to connect with people.  I find myself excited to see someone working on something, I am compelled to ask about it.  Each conversation has been helpful and fun. 

One particular experience sticks with me.  I was in a Starbucks killing some time by knitting and enjoying my coffee.  The place was very busy, it was kind of interesting to watch the hustle and bustle.  Especially interesting was the dissatisfied woman who came in after receiving her coffee through the drive thru.  She did not think they had made her Mocha the same as the other stores in town, she even accused them of not putting in mocha.  The poor barista was trying very hard to fix her coffee.  He gave it back to her three times to try, still no luck.  He eventually pulled the Starbucks franchised recipe and remade the coffee.  She still was not satisfied, but she took the coffee anyway.  What has our world come to?  But I digress, this is not the experience I was referring to.  I was stunned watching this woman and the frustrated barista trying to please her, when I the man next to me asked.....  "What are you knitting?"  My shock turned to him.   Who was this man savvy enough in needle craft to know I was knitting and not crocheting.  Many people make the assumption that I am crocheting, because it is more familiar.  I commented on his knowledge.  He told me all about his wife and her love for knitting.  We shared many stories.  I gave him some sites for his wife to sell her pieces.  It was so cool to have this conversation with a gentleman that I would not have shared anything in common with otherwise.  I left the coffee house revived and excited about my knitting even more.

Knitting provides us with a wealth of benefits -  the interesting people, the comaraderie, stress relief, an outlet for creativity, problem solving, boredom killer, and ------  last but not least, an awesome piece to wear and show off!!!!!

Shannon Henrici – NWAtlantaMommies Member since August 2008
She is a writer for My Baby Clothes Boutique where you can find trendy baby clothes and tutus!


  1. Your blog about knitting is awesome & moving. I feel the very same way about my young-ish knitting practice!
    It has changed my life!
    PS My then 12 yr old daughter taught me!


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