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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My poor baby has had a stomach bug that left her with bathroom issues. The doctor told us that she had to be on the BRAT Diet (bananas, rice, apples, and toast) and no juice or water just Gatorade or milk. Does he know how hard this is with a 2 year old who is very opinionated? Apparently not.

Day 1 right after the doctor appointment we needed to eat dinner and went by to daddy's work to have dinner with him. Mommy and Daddy were having fried chicken with their rice and green beans. Try telling a 2 year old that loves fried chicken legs and green beans she can't have them. Needless to say a fit ensued. Mommy finally let her have some green beans because what problems could a veggie really cause.

Day 2 brought breakfast and Callista wanting juice...sorry can't have juice but you can have Gatorade (she had never had it before this). She threw a fit at first then tasted the Gatorade and thank goodness he liked it. Now she is happy to drink the Gatorade but now we have breakfast to deal with, which in our house usually consist of cereal or sad to say graham cracker sticks. Can't have them so I give her a bagel (we have soy allergies and the bagel thins have no soy) thank goodness my daughter is like her mother and loves bread. She ate it without much fuss but mommy had cream cheese on hers and Callista didn't heaven forbid. My mom was babysitting so I could go do a Partylite Party and she not only had to deal with the food fits but a baby that has an awful rash and diarrhea. Nana thought it out and brought a special lunch so there would be no fits she brought a biscuit from a local restaurant and applesauce (callista's two fav things). Snack time proved to be difficult because Miss. Opinion Wanted pretzels and chippy. Sorry can't have those but you can have bananas (not her fav thing). Nana bribed her with the park and all was well. I got home and it was dinner time, Daddy and Mommy were eating sandwiches and Ms. Opinion not only wanted her bread and applesauce but meat and cheese. How can you say no to a 2 year old asking for meat and cheese when just a few weeks ago I was complaining because I couldn't get her to eat meat? Again what could it hurt and it stopped the crying.
Day 3 thank goodness the rash is better so mommy gets a little lax and lets her have pretzels for snack today the rash is back full force after 2 diarrhea diapers. Great time to go back to the BRAT diet. Still on Gatorade hoping I can get her off if once we are done with this. Needless to say food has become and issue in our house and so has diaper time but does mommy want to hear the screaming because she wants water and can't have it, or because she wants pineapple and can't have it? Not really.

We have been loosely following the BRAT diet for 5 days now and the rash is better and the poopies are back to normal...hoping to resume regular eating soon....I don't know if I can take the mommy I want geen beans and not being able to cook them for her.

Rebecca Jones

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