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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I woke up with the kids.  Reminded them we had Kindermusik this morning and started getting them (and myself) dressed, fed, and ready for the day.  I decided I was going to be brave and take the kids to the library for storytime AFTER Kindermusik... SO that meant making sure we had a couple changes of clothes for Grace in case of accidents and snack for everyone.  Everything was going swimmingly.  Even the rain wasn't putting a damper on anyone's mood. 
Let me take a quick break here to say that Grace's potty training is going AWESOME!  We have gone several days without a pee accident and we have caught most of the poop in time... She just doesn't like to poop in the potty.  But I understand this is normal, but it's frustrating.  However, she is 21 months old, so I feel like I really can't be too upset cause dang! --end break --
So before we left the house, I put Grace on the toilet and tried to convince her to poop.  Alas.  The attempt was futile.  So off we went.  We danced and sang and made music at Kindermusik and Grace stayed dry and clean.  We drove through the rain and made it to storytime with time to spare.  We went to the bathroom and again I tried to talk Grace into pooping.  Alas.  So we listened to stories, colored, put puzzles together, checked out books and headed home.  Grace stayed dry and clean!  Elijah had a melt down wanting to stay at the library (apparently forever...) but that was nipped in the bud.
We got home and I was STARVING...remembered to pack the kids a snack... not so much for me.  So I put lunch on.  While I was boiling some water I took Grace to the toilet and try to get her to poop.  I asked her several times if she needed to poop...  "No mama!" was the answer every time.  Okay... So I went back into the kitchen.  Elijah had been sitting patiently (well as patiently as a 4 year old can be) waiting for crayons, which I could not find anywhere, so I called Jerry.  While I was waiting for his work to page him, out of the corner of my eye I see Grace dancing around...this is the conversation I hear:
Elijah: What's that?  That playdough? No? Candy? (my attention is peaked now, since I know there is no candy out... the rest of this happens in slow motion...) What is that Grace?  (I'm walking toward the table squinting)  Is that a bar?  Mama what's Grace eating?
I look down on the floor as Grace spits out WHAT WAS IN HER MOUTH... pick it up...sniff...because no way could it be... OH. MY. DEAR. GOD.!!!!!!!!!!  Which are the words that came out of my mouth as Jerry picks up the phone.
Jerry:  What?
me: YOUR DAUGHTER JUST PUT POOP IN HER MOUTH!!!!Um, where are the crayons.
Jerry: *snickers* in the closet in the office.
me: thanks.  I'm going to go clean up poop and throw up.  See you in a bit.
And that's what I did.  Grace is so small that the smallest underwear is still a big large on her.  She poops little pellet-y poop sometimes and apparently this was on of those times.  She shook it out of her pants and decided that mmm, that looks tastey... At least she spit it out... BUT GROSSS!!!  What possesses a child to do this???  sigh.
So onto the toilet she goes while I clean this up and then I scrub Grace's teeth and mouth and then I sanitize the toothbrush and then I wash her hands and then I sanitize her hands and then I wash my hands and then I sanitize my hands.  And then I try to move on through the day.
Yes, I am laughing now.  Because otherwise I might really throw up.  But at the moment all I could see was red... and well brown...
This whole thing just makes me realize that having Elijah did NOT prepare me enough for motherhood.   Sigh.
To redeem herself, after dinner tonight, Grace pooped in the potty without prompting.  Let's hope THIS is a trend that continues.

Erin Jones is a stay at home mom.  Her degree is in theatre, but realizes the grey hairs her children are causing and the dark circles under the eyes are not so much what those Wilmywood types are looking for anymore.   However, she is perfectly okay with this... there is enough drama in motherhood to set her up for life!  For other tales from her life you can check out her blog

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  1. I had the same experience. Called the pediatrician's office thinking my child would succumb to e-coli. The receptionist who took my call laughed did the nurse who told me my daughter would be fine...I've got a sneaking suspicion they call me 'the poop-eaters mom' behind my back. LOL!


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