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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not ME - The Sick Week

Some times being a Stay-at-Home mommy means that I don’t even have a clue as to what day it is… especially the last few weeks. My son and I are so busy going to play dates, grocery shopping, the gym, and more play dates that if I didn’t write things down on a calendar I would completely forget about or be unaware of a planned activity. Sometimes even with it written down I forget. It’s as if pregnancy brain turned into permanent mommy brain and unfortunately there is no end in sight!

So on top of being a busy, forgetful, unaware mommy, more times than not I also feel like a single mother due to my husband’s profession. So many days I hate the Army, but I especially hate them this week! This week I am sick and of course, this week, my husband has to work late. Now, normally I am not one to want to choke my husband for something that is out of his control or not his fault, but this week I am sick, and this week everything is his fault!

Now, when I say sick I don’t mean I have a tiny little cold and I am just being wimpy and complaining just to complain. I am super sick. I have felt so horrible that most of the day I am curled up in the fetal position crying or wishing for death. I am so sick that I can’t even drive myself to the doctor. So in honor of being sick, I am going to write a “Not Me—the Sick Week”! These are all the things I “did not” let my son do because I was either too sick to stop him or too sick to care…

“Not ME—The Sick Week” 
  1. I DID NOT lock the upstairs baby gate and let my 1 year old son run loose so that I could stay in bed.
  2. I DID NOT let him dig through my make-up bag just to entertain himself, and I DID NOT find him 10 minutes later with mascara all over his face (not the mention the floor, walls, and doors) and lipstick in his teeth.
  3. It was NOT ME who let my child crawl into the fireplace with 2 day old ashes just to keep him from bothering me.
  4. It was NOT ME who left him in a poopy diaper for close to 30 minutes so that my husband could change it when he got home.
  5. Both my son and I DID NOT stay in our pajamas for two straight days.
  6. I DID NOT let my little angel pull everything out of the pantry AND the trash can while I lay in floor cursing my loving husband for having to work. I DID leave the mess for him to clean upJ.

    And my favorite….
    7.) I DID force my little monkey to cuddle on the couch with me, and he DID make me feel better. He DID lay his head on my shoulder and give me kisses, and I DID realize that as long as I have my family everything else will be ok!  
Amy G. is a former high school science teacher turned Stay-at-Home mom. She has been married for 3 years. Her home is where the Army sends her (currently Colorado Springs). She is a member of but you can follow her blog at

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