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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interview With a 3 Year Old

There is nothing like conversing with a three year old. It is both amsuing and perplexing at the same time. Take this typical conversation I had with Ashe today.

In the afternoon while Soren was napping, I plopped down on the couch beside Ashe while he played with his monster trucks. He sidled over to me and casually zoomed his trucks up and down my legs and arms as we chatted about his day:

"So how was school today, Ashe?"
"Good! I had Circle time!" (it is his favorite part about his Moms morning Out program)
"Oh yeah? And what did you do during circle time?"
"I had snacks!"
"Snacks, huh? What did you have for a snack?"
"Yup, pencils."
"You did not eat pencils!!!"
"I did too! They were MMM, MMM good too!"
"But you don't eat pencils! You write with pencils."
"Not pencils, Mommy, PENCILS!"
"Oh!!! You mean Pretzels?"
"Yes. Pencils."
"Ahhh, ok. Pretzels and pencils sound a lot alike don't they? I thought you said Pencils."
"I did Mommy."
"ummm....ok. What else did you do?"
"I played with toys."
"Oh yeah? What toys?"
"No silly, COWS!"
"..... Cars?"
"Ahhh. You played with cars?"
"No...Jamison did."
"Jamison played with cars?"
"So what did you play with?"
"Some of the girls."
"Which girls?"
"I dunno, Mommy. They were just girls."
"What did you play with the girls?"
 He sighs "COWS, Mommy!!!"
"Oh.... Did you have fun?"
"Yes, Mommy."
"Well good then."
"Mommy look at the clouds."
I look out the window "Yes I see them. They're way up in the sky. What else goes up in the sky?"
"Yup. What else?"
"Yes, ladybugs too. Anything else?"
"Ok, sure. Trees are kind of up in the sky."
"Yes, Goobers. You're a goober, Mommy."
"No I'm not."
"Yes you are. And Soren is a goober, and Zavi, and Daddy, and I'm a BIG Goober!"
"Yes, you are a big goober."
"And I'm a Beaulac."
"Yes, you are. So is Mommy, and Daddy, and Xavier, and Soren."
"That's cause we're family."
"Yes, Ashe?"
"I'm going to eat your nose now."


3 yr olds are so weird. But they make life interesting.

Submitted by Brittany aka Rhaven at If you like this story please check out her personal blog at

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