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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Love You Just As Much

Isn't it funny how differently you do things with your second child? With Gavin, I boiled cups, bottles, toys, etc. I vacuumed several times a day because I didn't want dog hair to get all over him. We steam cleaned the carpet every month or two. And I also felt like I held Gavin constantly. My poor Colin, on the other hand. If you only knew what was going on, you'd feel totally neglected. Boil? No, Sweetie...the dishwasher is just fine. And your toys? Unless there's gunk on them after they hit the floor, I just wipe them on my shirt and give them back. Your Mom-mom always said, "you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die." We have hardwood floors now, so I only vacuum the bedrooms about once a week. I swiffer the wood floors when the dog hair starts to accumulate in little piles. Even though you may have dog hair on your jammies, I promise, I pick them out of your mouth as soon as I see them. I'm sorry I don't hold you as much as I held Gavin. Unfortunately, a lot of times when I'm holding you, Gavin needs my help with something and I have to put you down. Or worse, Gavin wants to be held too. I'm 35 years old and my back just can't take 55 lbs. of kids at once. It can barely manage all 20 lbs. 7 oz. of you. I see you looking back at me from the Jumperoo right now. You're smiling and playing with its toys and you just started jumping and laughing out loud. :) You don't LOOK neglected. You are such a happy, loving, adorable, well-behaved, and sweet baby and Daddy, Gavin, and I are so glad you're here. I just wanted to make sure you knew that, even though your baby book is essentially blank (I still plan to get to that!), I love you just as much!

Becky is a SAHM, part-time critical care transport nurse, and the Assistant Site Administrator of  She blogs about life with her boys at and "Life on a Budget:  The journey of a Stay-at-Home Mom Raising Her Family on a Budget" at


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