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Friday, February 5, 2010

Circling Parking Lots

Ever wonder why people circle parking lots?  Particularly gym parking lots.  Have you ever wondered “why are you circling, looking for a close spot? Aren’t you here to work out?  Don’t you think those 30 extra steps will actually help you – maybe you could even consider them part of your warm up?”
It always seemed so ridiculous to me.  I remember watching that person circle the lot and I would purposely take a spot at the outer edges of the lot, smug, proving my point to myself, thinking people should not be so lazy…
And then I was at the gym just this last Sunday.  I had a few extra minutes before yoga started; not enough time to get on the treadmill to burn a few extra calories before class, and too early to go lay on my mat for a pre-yoga meditation as the other class was not out of the room yet.
With horror and giddy amusement, I realized I was circling the parking lot.  Just one more example of what being a mom has done to me!  I was one of them!  The amazing part was that I was not circling because I thought the extra steps would wipe me clean out and leave me with a negative energy store that would prevent me from doing yoga (as I had erroneously believed to be the motive for all other parking lots circlers).  I was not circling to save myself from the mild NW winter weather.  I was not circling out of laziness, not exactly.
I was breathing.  Just breathing.  Relishing the few minutes I had to myself.  No one needed me for those precious few circling moments.  No one was hungry, stinky or cranky.  No one was complaining.  There were no dirty dishes, no laundry, no vacuum cleaners or dirty toilets.  There was nothing but me and precious white noise.
I realized it was the movement that was soothing me; like a baby who instantly wails when the stroller stops, wails at every red light and then quiets down as soon as you get moving again.
I was simply taking my turn, self soothing, and not wasting a moment of my private time.
I ended up taking a prime spot at the outer edge of the parking lot, slowly walking to class, relishing those few circling moments .
I’m just an average mama who’s not afraid to say all the things you know you are thinking.  Or just not smart enough to keep my mouth shut.
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