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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sick Again

Fact. Julianna will get sick an average of 12 times in a year as a toddler in daycare. The average cold will last two weeks and most of these sicknesses will be during the winter months. Has anyone else done the math? It basically equals... sucks to be us right now.

These stats were given to us by Julianna's new pediatrician, who may have to become my new best friend in Atlanta after all these visits. I feel like I see her more than my real best friend sometimes.
I must say, we are extremely blessed to have an overall healthy girl and this Christmas week especially makes me appreciate this even more.

However, the latest episode is a tummy virus which had us fleeing the Perimeter Mall on the busiest Saturday of the year. I'll spare you the gross details but after 19 months of motherhood, I made a rookie mistake of forgetting a change of clothes. Julie thought it was hilarious that she was wrapped in mommy's jacket while bouncing through Nordstrom to the parking lot.

In Florida we had a private sitter for Julianna. Colds were hardly ever a huge issue. Of course she's been sick before, but until our move, she has never experienced an ear infection or constant nasal drip for like, oh, a whole season.
I was fortunate as a working mom to have someone we trusted and loved in Florida to care for Julie her first 15 months of life. I also worked from home, which made everything much easier. These days, it's hard to even find time to schedule check-ups, so these viral hiccups really throw our schedules through a loop.

I know I must not to the first working mom who has had this complaint. Will she grow out of this? Or are we doomed for every winter season?
Contributed by Anne DiNapoli Username FlmominGA

1 comment :

  1. I went through the same thing when my son was little and my pediatrician said to me one day after I asked why he was sick so much, "Quit your job if you want a healthy kid." Day cares breed germs. There's nothing you can do about it. On the plus side, after being sick for virtually three years straight, my son almost never gets sick now and he'll be 11 next month. He doesn't even get colds, and I think it's all because he had so many between the ages of 1 and 4. Good luck dealing with it all. It is definitely difficult.


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