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Friday, December 11, 2009

Old School Teachin'

If you were to look in our windows during the evening, you would probably see me holding up a flashcard to Ben with the number 9. And then you might see his mouth form the word "ten".

And then you would probably see me raise an eyebrow that says, "Seriously, kid? I mean, we've been over this number a million times and you continue to claim that it's a ten?" After that, you'd see me sip from my wine glass of Drano.

I can teach autistic kids what a nine or the color yellow looks like. I fail horribly at teaching my typical, (albeit with a possible future diagnosis of ADHD), son how to correctly identify the numbers 9 or 11. I can show him the 9, correct his answer to "nine", follow it up with a number that he knows well, and come back to the 9 AND HE STILL LABELS THE DAMNED THING "TEN".

How do kindergarten teachers do it? I mean, how do they stay calm and not send kids home with tiny pinch marks from every letter or number labeled incorrectly? My mom told me a story of how her brain just couldn't grasp the spelling of the word "enough". Her teacher, (a nun), had gone over the spelling with her again… and again… and again…….. and then WHACK! The nun slapped my mom across the face and she never forgot how to spell 'enough' again.

I never realized until this day why mom has to include 'enough' in everything she writes, from scribbled notes to Christmas cards. Don't worry - we're getting her therapy sessions for Christmas.

So tonight, if you peer through our windows and see me brandishing a nine iron in the air, don't worry. I'm just teaching him old school.

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