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Friday, December 18, 2009

Hey Birthday Boy

To my sweet, funny, rambunctious, smart, silly boy:

Ashe it's your third birthday today and I just want to say I am so in love with you. I look at you now, today of all days especially, and just stand there in awe thinking of what you are now, what you have been, and wonder what lies ahead of you in your years to come.

I remember vividly how you were the easiest pregnancy out of all three and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

I remember how fast you came into the world, where you were almost born in the car as we drove the 5 minutes to the local hospital. Thanks for hanging on just a little bit longer!

You were my snuggle bunny and you still are. I cherish each cuddle, hug, and random sticky kiss from you.

I love your "I WUV YOU MOMMY"s, all done at volume 11.

I love the fact you call a frog a fog and a dog a frog.

I love that every time we put something silly on our heads and call it a hat you give us "the look" and say with utter disdain "IT'S NOT A HAT!". Guarenteed laughter each and every time.

I love how you love to sing Rhett and Links Space junk song.

I love how, no matter how many times beforehand that I say its ok you MUST ask me "MOMMY CAN I EAT THIS?" even when it's chocolate milk.

I love how you argue with me over whether you eat or drink chocolate milk. And honey, I promise, you drink it, not eat it, no matter what you say.

I love how you pronounce please as Peas

I love how you love preschool, and your favorite part is Circle Time.

I love the fact that you have exploded with your vocabulary and can now actually argue with me instead of getting frustrated and scream.

And while I shouldn't admit this, I crack up when you sneak up behind your brother while he is busy playing quietly, to smack him upside the head and run away laughing maniacally. No, I dont love this. But it is flipping hilarious to watch before I have to step in and give you a time out.

I love how you sing YODA to the tune of Lola after listening to Weird Al Yancovich.

I love how you are finally sitting (mostly) nicely at the dinner table with us each night instead of running around like a wild thing, even if you dont eat. We'll work on that next sweetie.

I love how you are potty trained, and you are SO proud of yourself each time you have to go to the bathroom. May that excitement never wear off. You earned it!

I love the fact you love Pirate stuff.

I love how when we call you silly you say "NO I NOT. I A BIG GOOBER!"

I love how you talk in Cap Locks.

You make me giggle each time you tell me not to sing/hum/dance/wiggle when we're listening to music.

I love how you eat your feet. It's beyond gross. But it is so you.

I love your new saying "OH YEAH" in a deep grumbly 3 yr old voice.

I love how you help me around the house when I ask you to and dont whine about it. I know that's only going to last a little while longer so I really cherish telling you to put your dishes in the sink and you actually do it happily.

I love the fact when I tell you to put the dishes in the sink you always put them in the bathroom sink.

I love watching you follow your brother around and try to do everything he does. Although I dont love some of the things he is teaching you.

I love how you go to bed so well most nights.

I love the fact you still have that natural mohawk that you were born with. While it will suck for you as an adult to try and tame that thing, it is absolutely precious on you.

I love how you love baseball almost as much as Daddy. I know Daddy really appreciates having a baseball buddy.

You are such an amazing kiddo. You're a great older brother to Soren, the perfect little brother to Xavier. You are so unique and fun and special. You are YOU! And there is no one in the world like you. And I am the luckiest Mommy in the world, to have such a special boy to call my son. I love you little man. Happy Birthday

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