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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Money

I started a submission for this blog by basically expressing my fear that my husband and I are still struggling financially and that it takes a hit on my psyche. I hate to say it but Christmas just isn’t the same when you can’t buy nearly anything you want for your loved ones. Buying my husband used jeans and sweatshirts at Goodwill isn’t my idea of a fun Christmas.

But I hesitated for some reason and it must have been that “God whisper” that CS Lewis talks about. I received an email this morning from a Tim Sanders subscription I have, and one of the first things he says in this month’s newsletter regards fear.

It's easy for us to focus on how this is a Slim Christmas instead of a White or Green one. It's easy for us to notice what others have (and have accomplished) and, by comparison, feel depressed instead of grateful. What's more difficult is to stake your claim on a positive perspective, especially during such a time of celebration and community.”

So here I am- giving thanks for my husband, my parents, and God. I am grateful that we continue to be able to provide a roof over our heads despite the tough economy. I am appreciative my three-year-old doesn’t know the difference because he is happy just playing with daddy after work. I am thankful for the new perspective and new respect for money we now have and the ray of light in our future.

I remember how happy I was just touring the Christmas lights for my birthday when I was a kid rather than my parents expending some sort of extravagance for the celebration- the drive around our neighborhood was enough!

Some days are easier than others. Some days, I am a total wreck. Other days, I am able to smile and just be glad I have air to breathe. Positive perspective is not an instant fix, it takes practice…

Lisa Duke is a wife, mother, dreamer, and Realtor® in High Point, NC. She is a member of You can view her blogs at or


  1. I commend you for your ability to see that it is more than being about gifts. I think it is VERY hard to look past what others are giving to their families. The grass seems to always be greener... Alas. I think that EVERYONE should take a moment to look around and be grateful for what she has. Being able to provide at this time of year is indeed a blessing.

  2. Thanks Erin. One day things will be better. I am an intelligent, bright, educated woman. It hurts me we are hurting so bad but one day soon, we will be OK. And it is from the greater power that helps us do this.

  3. I loved your post and positive outlook! We all should keep those thoughts this time of year.

  4. Thanks Anne! Have a great holiday!


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