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Friday, November 27, 2009

My Little Thanks

I am sure you all are tired of hearing my same old thankful list, because I make no secret that I am VERY thankful for my dear husband, my children, my family, my health, our military, and all that good stuff.

But you know something else that I'm realizing? The little things in life sometimes matter almost as much as the big stuff. I mean nothing matters more then my family but you know what I mean.

{Sometimes the little things help me to handle and love my family just that much more.}

So on this, the day of thanks, I am thankful for things big and small.

And now to name a few of my "not-as-important-as my-family-but-still-worthy-of-thanks" thanks, I am thankful for:

-Coca Cola, the original {I wont hold that whole new coke thing against you all, your practically like family to me I can excuse a small mistake} my sweet coca cola you get me going, time and again.

-Pampers, you hold in all the poop and pee around here {well almost all, there is still the occasional poop but again I wont hold that against you} and you do it without causing any rashes or irritation on my darlings sensitive backsides.

-Oxyclean, when pampers has a slight malfunction and the poo goes crazy you are there to clean up the mess. If only I had had you with the first two I'd probably have twice the clothes left over!

-Gerber super absorbency training underwear, you really are super absorbent. I thank you for that.

-Our Little Green Clean Machine {a little carpet and upholstery machine} in the potty training trenches you've been right there with me. Your a battle buddy I can depend on when a certain adorable little boy decides he just wants to pee. Right there. No matter where he is standing.

-Betty Crocker gingerbread mix, an egg free cookie from a box?! That taste great. I'm in love. As an allergy mama I'm so thankful.

-Puffs Plus with lotion, lotion on a tissue. GENIUS. Thank whoever came up with that one for me, two colds in two weeks my nose would be even worse off without you all.

-My car. Its hardly a little thing {trust me hardly} but compared to the family it goes on this list. It makes me so happy. First no one is touching anyone, they can't they sit too far away from each other. No fights about who touched who, who is looking at someone, who's foot is on who's side. NONE OF THAT. LOVE IT!

-Built in dvd player in the car. And the really good part.... HEADPHONES! And wireless at that. I hear NOTHING. Not even the kids when the movie is on. Who ever came up with that deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, I'm serious.

-My blackberry. Holy poop batman. I didn't text at all until this September when flyboy got me a razzle dazzle crackberry. And now he regrets it b/c I'm addicted to that thing. Emails right to my pocket? Fan-friggin-tastic.

-Dash-1's booster seat that he can get himself in and out of and not just that but he buckles himself! Now I'm only down to having to get two other kids into car seats and that is wonderful.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! And remembers to think of the little things when giving thanks! Oh wait... what are your little things your thankful for?

{And no I'm not getting any kickback from any of these companies. They just make my life a little sweeter and for that I'm thankful.}

More from me can be found at where I write about motherhood, military wife life, and stories about my kids that will, no doubt, embarass them ten years from now.

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