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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stripperella: Weather Girl

Despite forecasts for thunderstorms that would last the better part of a day, rainfall averages were rather sparse. This disturbed Stripperella. What is the fun of a cold dreary day if there is no rain to make puddles in which to stomp? Something needed to be done.

So the next day, while the mother was working very hard to clean the house, Stripperella made a plan. She would go ask her mother for a drink in her sippy cup. She would then suck milk out of said sippy, but she would not swallow. Instead she would then spit the milk out onto the mat under her dad's office chair. She would make her own puddle!

Suck, spit
suck, spit
suck, spit
suck, spit.

On and on she went, over come with joy at the ever-growing puddle of milk on the mat. When her sippy cup was empty, she let out squeals of delight as she stomped and splashed in her very own puddle. She was somewhat disappointed that her mother had not given her chocolate milk, that would have made the splashes more authentic, but the cool liquid squishing between her toes made that seem like a trivial detail.

Suddenly her joyful play was interrupted by a gasp of horror from the door way.

The mother had returned to ruin her fun. Apparently the mother emptied the dishwasher in record time. With a stern voice the mother placed Stripperella in time out and placed the now empty sippy into time out in the now empty dishwasher. Then she steam cleaned up the milk puddle.

As she sits crying in time out, Stripperella vows that next time she will wait until the mother is cleaning the bathroom and has given chocolate milk to drink. Next time her puddle play will be perfection.

D.E. Mongomery is a member of CharlotteMommies and the author of “The Adventures of Curlylocks and Stripperella: A Modern Mother’s Tale” which is available on and the author’s E store at:

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