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Monday, October 19, 2009

Property Rights

The mother had baked sugar cookies as a surprise for the family and to ruin the diets of her friends.

As the cookies lay cooling upon the table, waiting for icing the mother pointed to the cookies.

"Do you see the cookies?" the mother asks

"Tooky" replies Stripperella grinning in expectation

"Don't touch the cookie. They are hot." says the mother sternly

"Tot?" replies a much sadder Stripperella

"Yes they are hot. DO NOT TOUCH THE COOKIES."

"No Tooky?" whimpers the little con artist, eyes huge and glistening, lower lip starting to stick out.

"No cookie."

So the mother gives Stripperella some crackers hoping to reinforce the idea that the cookies are not for Stripperella's dining pleasure.

Once the cookies were cooled the mother mixed up her icing and began putting a layer of orange icing on the cookies planning to then go back with some brown and put jack o lantern faces on them.

The mother is concentrating hard on those faces when Stripperella comes back into the kitchen, crawls up in a chair and watches in fascination as the mother turns the previously drab cookies into bright appealing sources of a future sugar high.

Suddenly out of the corner of her eye the mother notices movement. There at the edge of the table sits Stripperella, head down and tongue out as she is marking an entire row of cookies as her very own!

"NO!" Yells the mother

"Mine tooky" replies Stripperella with a malicious gleam in her big baby blues.

"No LICKING THE COOKIES" says the mother in her evil Demon voice

Stripperella leans over at her mother's extended hand, which is pointing at Stripperella in condemnation, extends her tongue and licks the mother.

"Mine" says Stripperella softly.

Both touched and disgusted the mother hurriedly finishes the jack o lantern faces taking care to keep Stripperella's "special" cookies separate from the rest.

D.E. Mongomery is a member of CharlotteMommies and the author of “The Adventures of Curlylocks and Stripperella: A Modern Mother’s Tale” which is available on and the author’s E store at:

Visit her fan page at:

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