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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Three Boys

I am the mother of three boys.
I do not have any girls. I will not ever have any girls. Having a husband who has MS makes having three children more then enough for our family.

I think that sometimes, people who have daughters do not realize how easily some people (i.e. ME) can have their feelings hurt about girl things. Because maybe, even though we really love our sons and their legos and super heroes and ball games, we really wished for a daughter, too. When a statement is made about how much cuter girl stuff is then boys. Or about how they are so glad they only have girls because of X (dance, gymnastics, bows, whatever). Sometimes these statements just bring out a little bit of jealousy.

It does not happen all the time, but it does happen.

Catch me on a bad day and that etsy shop that only sells pink bows and doll dresses? I might want to flood the email account with junk mail.
Then, there are days were I think of all the cute stuff I could make...if I had a girl to make it for.
Sure, I've got nieces, but their mama is a crafty lady and they don't need my stuff. She fills their closets and drawers with her beautiful creations.

Okay, so the reason I got on this kick today is because before Brennan was born, we were told he was 70% chance of being a girl.


Right. I doubted Dr. Payne from that moment on. I mean, a 70% chance of rain can result in a beautiful cloudless day...I did not bite that bait, though some well meaning family and friends did.

My husband's aunt bought two beautiful dresses from an adorable shop in New Orleans for a shower gift. I would be willing to bet they cost a pretty penny and they are EXACTLY the kind of dresses I'd put on my daughter, were I to have one...heirloom, not too much lace, but some, beautiful.

I found one today while getting out winter clothes in the basement. I do not plan on getting rid of it. I got rid of all the other girl stuff we got from that shower when I found out Ethan was a boy and my girl friend was expecting a girl...sent it all to her, except for these two beautiful outfits. I keep them because I have hope that one day a granddaughter will be able to wear them. See, just thinking towards the future.

So, I know it might be hard, but moms of girls (or the moms with the "perfect pair") try to not be too braggy about all things girls. We mom's of boys might not show it or say it, but sometimes, it really hurts our feelings. Especially when you go on and on and on about the adorable hair bow you bought to match the perfect stockings that coordinate with the precious dress from that new girls only boutique.

Don't think I'm a girl "hater", because I am not...girls are needed to make the world go round, but boys are just as important to that equation. I'm just on a kick right now...all because I found the beautiful dress I never got to use.

Don't feel sorry for me because I only have boys. I am trying to make up for it by doing more crafty things for myself and being the best mom I can to the children I have. Heavenly Father wanted me to only have boys for some, I need to sit back and let my life live itself so I can find out why and enjoy what I have been blessed with.

Jessica Remington is the hospitality manager for She enjoys watching LSU sports, scrapbooking and spending time with her family. Her blog, Finding Joy in the Journey ( is her spot in cyber space to share a smile with her friends and family near and far.

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