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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stripperella’s Sticky Situation

The mother is once again lugging a basket of laundry up the stairs. Curlylocks is entertaining herself while Stripperella is munching a snack in the kitchen. As the mother is folding the laundry in said basket she hears a horrible crying coming from downstairs, and by the time she reached the top of the stairs she sees Stripperella part way up. She is sobbing horribly as if the world is about to end. This isn't a cry of temper, this isn't even a cry of pain the mother is unfamiliar with this particular screaming sob.

The mother holds out her arms to Stripperella and Stripperella attempts to go up another step but ends up flopping onto it face first instead, unable to pull up with her arm, which incidentally did NOT improve her mood.

Thoroughly alarmed now the mother rushes to her child and scoops her up.

There is a strange puckering of Stripperella's skin at her inoperable shoulder; it almost looks like a scar.

There is also a crusty residue on her arm and some on her face.

As the mother reaches up to touch Stripperella's shoulder she feels a strange tightness on her thumb where she had brushed Stripperella's other arm.

Suddenly the mother's synapses fire and her gray cells kick in.

Super glue.

A few days earlier the father had asked the mother to run to the store to pick up a tube of super glue for a project he was working on. When he had finished with it he had carried the tube back into the kitchen. He'd set it on the counter, and there it had stayed and it was there that Stripperella had found it.

Oh My GOD!

Frantic now, she rushes Stripperella to the bath room and starts a warm bath.

Think! Think! The mother is thinking, but most of the solutions involve chemicals that could melt her kid.

Plunking Stripperella into the tub she begins rubbing as much of the glue off as possible, to her surprise it seems to be working, she has at least managed to release Stripperella's arm from her side, but she is concerned about hurting Stripperella.

“Mom! Mom will know what to do!” Thinks the mother. “She was a teacher, she raised multiple children to adulthood and has helped keep dad alive, maybe she's run into this.”

So the mother calls the grandmother, quickly gives the abridged version, to which the grandmother asks, "do I even need to ask which grandchild this is?"

The grandmother suggests nail polish remover and calling the number on the tube of glue. The mother searches the bathroom for the remover and finds she has none. The grandmother promises the check in later and gets off the phone so the mother can call the glue hotline.

The glue hotline gives her another number for a glue medical hotline (the mother is slightly relieved that this must happen to other mother's) and she writes that number down and calls it.

There she met a very nice woman named Diane. Diane was sweet, courteous, and most importantly reassuring that the glue is non-toxic and inert if eaten and will come off. In fact she had all sorts of interesting information for people such as the mother.

Not only is the glue non-toxic, but given a week would have come off of the skin unassisted.

Rubbing Peanut Butter onto the glued areas will speed up the process.

Soaking in the tub is the best way to remove from children, but in adults who generally have less sensitive skin an acetone based nail polish remover will work well

Diane also reassured the mother that she had had her own child do this very thing and she gets lots of calls every day. Somehow that fact really meant a lot to the mother.

Thanking Diane profusely for all of her information and support the mother continued her soaking rub down of Stripperella, as though in some sort of insane day spa.

D.E. Mongomery is a member of CharlotteMommies and the author of “The Adventures of Curlylocks and Stripperella: A Modern Mother’s Tale” which is available on and the author’s E store at:

Visit her fan page at:

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