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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Confessions of a closet ‘Stay at home Mom’

I write today from the confines of my new make shift office, the kitchen table amongst the bags of clothes to take to the Salvation Army and an arms length of my book on “Blackberry Basics”. I’ve recently purchased m y first official “Smart phone” but need this book to understand what it all can do.

Today I’m on day three of my new life, called “Laid off and secretively loving it”. I found out less than two weeks ago that ‘due to budget cuts, my position will only be budgeted through the end of the month”. Those words hit me both with a ton of bricks as well as the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders. For at least the last six months, I’ve been struggling with the responsibilities and promises that we’ve made as a family and with feeling like the biggest square peg in the roundest hole in my job. As well as secretively wanting to run away each and every day.

Today, you’re reading this either because you’ve been able to manage the time management system called motherhood and you’re stealing a few ‘selfish’ moments to be entertained or informed about ‘mommy-hood’, or you’re like me and browsing the net, seeing ‘what is out here really’. Either way, I hope this provides you a nice respite from your day, as you can learn about what others are going through, and feel like you’re not the only one who thinks like this.

So… quick intro…I live in North Carolina and been here just a few years. Love the sense of community, family and the weather. Left almost 18 years in Florida, where I worked at a “magical place” until I met my husband. My son was born 2 years ago, and since that time, I’ve been laid off now twice and worked myself to a grind , away from the home close to 12 hour days and missing my son grow up. Now I’m celebrating getting back to me! I have to work to remember her.. She’s that person I used to be a long, long time ago.. when I was fun and much more relaxed.

So now I’m spoiled.. just the last three days I’ve been able to get up with my son, where before I’d be on a bus at 6:45 AM to be at work by 7:30. I get to spend all day with him and reconnect in a way that I’m truly cherishing. Yesterday, we actually napped together… can you believe that? What a treat. I have to be honest, I’m new to this concept of life without the corporate buzz… no “to do” in my emails, no tasks lists, no phone calls about work that you have to do. It’s quite a new feeling to not have to see 50 emails in my inbox each day.

Today started some of the “what will I do now” discussions with my husband and best friend, but to be honest.. really enjoy this first week.

I hope you’ll tune in for more updates and confessions of my guilty pleasure of playing a quasi ‘stay at home mom’. Not sure how long it will last but will be happy to keep you posted ….. also perhaps you too, are experiencing a ‘new life . I hope also that you’re enjoying this new YOU for the time that you can get a glimpse…

Diane Yarborough is married and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She's the mommy of Trey who is the light of her life. When she's not writing for this blog or others, she enjoys the fall leaves and following husker football, in addition to decorating and designing. Diane is a member of

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