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Saturday, September 26, 2009

35 years old, pregnant, and not married.

After a few years of getting over a very nasty divorce, I was a 35 year old single mom. Finally I was getting in the routine of sharing my son every two weeks with his dad. I finally had a good job where I worked good hours and I could get home early enough to have dinner with my son. I had just saved up enough money to buy myself a new car. I was in a relationship with a guy that I loved and it was going good.

Mine and my guy's relationship was very unique; we had been dating for almost two years, but he lived 1000 miles away. Every month or so I would fly or drive to see him for a week - it was the best of both worlds for both of us. Everything was going well; everything was finally looking up in my life.

In August, before school started, I decided to take my son to my guy's house for a visit and see some of the local sites. Boy, I did not realize at the time that this trip would ultimately turn my life upside down.

My son and I stayed with my guy for a week and had a great visit, and then went back to our home state. About 2 weeks later my life came to a screeching halt.
I stared at the calender looking at the dates, thinking I had a monthly cycle on Aug 7th and here it was Sept 20th, this can't be possible. I waited a couple more days then I went into a drug store and bought a home pregnancy test.
When I got home, I went into the bathroom and the positive sign came up in about a second. I was in total shock, what am I going to do?
I sat there in the restroom and just stared at the test like it was going to change. All these things started going through my mind. My son is seven, I'm single, the father lives so far away, how am I going to tell people, what are people going to think, and could I have the strength to do this.
I decided to go ahead and call for a doctors appointment and get everything confirmed before I told anyone. Just so happens, they had a cancellation and I got in the next week.
I sat in the doctors office still in shock and wondering what I was going to do and how I could possibly make it with a new baby and everything that goes with it. As I sat in the doctor's office I felt like I was having an out of body experience. As the doctor came in and started telling me I was pregnant and how I was high risk and what was going to happen, I felt like I was alone in the world.
I left the doctors office and went to see my mom, scared like I was a teenager I needed to tell someone. As I sat there looking at my mom thinking she was going to say are you crazy, the words I am going to have a baby came out of my mouth. To my shock and surprise a huge smile came across my moms face and she said "I am so excited." As my mom looked at me she could tell I was scared and she said, "Baby you're not in this alone." She told me that no matter what happened with me and my guy that she would always be there for me.
At this point I knew that I had a support system and that I would be fine with this baby.

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