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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where Do You Hide Your Chocolate?

I'm Jess. I'm a mom of two always well-behaved girls (and if you believe that I'll have what you're having and make it a double). They are my heart and soul, but are enough to drive me crazy all on their own. They're so lucky they're cute.

I’ve been a parent for 11 ½ years now…and I still keep waiting for the handbook to fall from the sky telling me what to do (I am also still waiting for my gadget arm to sprout too so I can stop balancing my latte on my nose while holding onto 2 kids while unlocking my car door and texting ;) ). But the handbook never shows up (neither does the arm), so I wing it. Sure I stumble and sometimes I may even fall, but my daughters always know that I love them, even if I screw up royally (and believe me, I have). I am shown every single day how much they love me no matter what. I found a story my youngest wrote for me, I’ve since framed it and it hangs on my bedroom wall. “Once upon a time was a mom and her name was Jess and her kids M and A. Super Mom was a hero. Super Mom cooked the best food. It was so yummy that M and A got super powers and they became Super Kids and Super Mom got her powers from drinking coffee and Super Mom had pets too. They got powers from sleeping and eating.” My oldest, a moody tween, will come and hug me for no reason (ok, then immediately following the hug she may cry that I’m ruining her life for not letting her wear what Hannah Montana wears but who cares, she hugged me!).

Being a mom is a journey, that’s for sure…but it’s a journey that you’ll never be alone on (no matter how many times you try hiding in the bathroom with a organic dark chocolate candy bar).

This post was written by Jess, a member of LakeNormanMommies and CharlotteMommies. You can read her blogs at and

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