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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother, You Drive Me Insane

“Mother, You Drive Me Insane”

Thanks kiddo. My 11 year, my girl on the cusp of womanhood, has decided that I drive her insane. Really? Seriously?

Why you ask? Oh well, I have stripped her of all things she held dear, her Nintendo DS, The Wii, her TV. I promised that if the 11 year old attitude kept up she would be left in her room with nothing but a pencil with no eraser and a blank sheet of paper. Now in her eyes, I am the worst mother ever. The whining about being bored has almost made my ears bleed. It’s 2009, how in the heck can anyone be bored? No, with all that is out there for her to do, with the sun shining and air warm, she decides to whine at me….practically non stop all day. Her younger sister joined in just for kicks today, apparently not finding anything else to amuse herself with either.

In the 5+ hours it’s taken me to write this, while chugging coffee and eating whatever they’ve left on their plates, my children have systematically chipped away at the little sanity I cling to.

Who needs sanity anyway? Better to be happy and crazy, than unhappy and sane I think.

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