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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Legacy of Being Left

I'm still struggling. Suddenly I'm a single mom. Suddenly my life is turned upside down. Suddenly it's been four months. Every minute of every day is sometimes a challenge for me. There are days where I honestly think that I'm finally ok and then for some reason, no reason actually, I know that I'm not. I realize that I'm a role model for my girls, that how I handle things now will show them so many things. I want to show them that women can be strong, but I also want to show them that loosing someone that you have loved can make you weak, and that crying is ok. Being sad is ok. I want them to see me be sad and then see me stand up. I want them to know that if they are going to love, to love 100% to throw their entire heart and soul into it. That being hurt is part of it, and that they too will survive heartbreak.

I want them to know without a doubt that I have tried, that I did and still do love, and that letting go was not what I wanted, but loving someone enough to make choices you don't agree with is ok.

Those are my hopes for my girls.

The amazing thing to me was and still is, that when I was in crisis, women I knew well and women I barely knew came to my side. They stood by me, they helped me stand, and they encouraged me daily to smile. They let me stumble when I needed to, and they still do. But they have always been right there to help me get back up. All because 3 ½ years ago I moved to NC and I joined CharlotteMommies, which branched off to LakeNormanMommies.

If someone told me then that my life would be where it is now, I’d have never believed them. If someone told me then that I’d have an amazing group of women surrounding me then…well yes, I’d have believed them 100%.

This post was written by Jess, a member of LakeNormanMommies and CharlotteMommies. You can read her blogs at and

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