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Monday, April 6, 2009

Make It Monday: Easter Flower Pail

Looking for a cute, budget-friendly Easter decoration or gift? With just a few simple items you can create an Easter flower pail in under 5 minutes!

For this craft, you will need the following: Mini bucket (I found mine in the dollar section at Target), flowers, and Easter gel window clings (found at Wal-Mart).

First, simply stick the gel clings to the bucket.

Then carefully put the flowers in the bucket. I was able to fit 2 sections from a 6-pack into one bucket.

Add a little water, and that's it!

Keep the flower pails as decorations on your Easter table, or give them away to a friend. I left one on a friend's doorstep to brighten their day :). Happy Easter!

This post was written and photographs were provided by Christine, a member of

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