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Friday, April 3, 2009

I Swore It Would Never Happen

I really don't know when it happened or how it even started but I have a confession to make. I have become the type of mom who puts her child in every activity possible. We attend story time twice a week, go to music classes, have four playgroups and are about to sign up to take swim lessons for the summer. In other words, free play is almost non-existent in our lives these days. Sure we play outside when the weather is nice or in my daughter's playroom on a rainy day but I can't help but phone a friend and have them come play too.

At first I thought my obsession with staying busy was in part due to the fact that I just left work in January and had to pull my baby out of daycare. I was worried that going from playing with seven other children a day to just one mommy wasn't going to cut it for my now walking, climbing, busy little bee. So I started meeting with some of the women in my local area that I had meet on AtlantaAreaMommies, my local TMN forum, and thus the addiction began.

Don't get me wrong, it started off small and slowly. At first it was just a playgroup here or there when everyone had time. Then the other moms in the playgroups started telling me about local activities that were free or really inexpensive. I can do those I thought to myself thinking that a trip to the library for story time was no big deal or a cheap music class was not a problem. The classes were, and continue to be, fun. I've meet some great women through these classes and have since started up playgroups with them as well. Thus we are now part of multiple playgroups along side our normal activities.

I guess I cannot complain too much. My daughter and I stay busy and she is continuing to get the socialization that I think she needs. It has also prevented us from watching hours of television or becoming bored with ourselves...really I can think of only so many games to play in one day. So now when I see a soccer sticker or a windshield plastered with some child's accomplishments and sports I laugh to myself because I know that one day I will probably be the same. I am sure that my daughter will be a better person for it.

Melissa Liipfert is the mother of a wildly active one year old, a playgroup junkie and member of the AtlantaAreaMommies. You can view her blog at:

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