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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not So Alone

There I sat at home, alone, and seven months pregnant. About two weeks into my new role as "home maker". I didn't feel I was very good at it - at seven months pregnant folding a blanket seemed to wear me out. But at least it was one of my life long dreams: I didn't have to go to work! Right?

Wrong. At first, it was great. Sleep in, eat when I felt like it, not have to worry about how long I spent in the bathroom. I could do anything and everything I wanted to and I did. But after only two weeks of do whatever I wanted, when ever I wanted, I didn't know what to do. Suddenly the reality of being a "home maker" set it. I spent a lot of time at home, alone.

I had no coworkers. My friends and husband were at work. My family lives 6 hours away - and pregnancy doesn't really make one want to get up and go. I felt like I was going nuts. But what could I do? How do you meet other people that stay at home all day? They're at home!

A friend of mine (a guy actually) suggested finding a group online. I laughed at first thinking that no one really does that. I was thinking about something like Myspace for mommies and how silly it seemed. But I got to thinking and guess where I met my husband. Yeah. Myspace. Albeit we were acquaintances, but being friends on Myspace got the ball rolling so to speak. So I started looking around online. That's when I found TMN and AtlantaAreaMommies.

I still thought it was strange, but I filled out my application and was soon posting in the forums. I have to say, it was better than Myspace for sure! I suddenly found myself among hundreds of other women going through the same thing and women that had survived it! I was getting advice and support and sympathy! It was awesome.

Even now that I've had my daughter I have a place to ask questions and get advice. I have a place to share funny stories, pictures, milestones, and even the horrors of a constipated baby. I have a place to go to, even from home, and it make me feel not so alone.

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