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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I would have never imagined ...

When I lived in New York if you had ever suggested that I would have a child and have friends we'd never met before come over to our house to play I would have laughed at you. Can you imagine? Let alone opening up your home to over 30+ people? Little ones included, of course!

I could never have imagined it, either. Until I moved here to NC, had a baby, and found TriangleMommies. Yes, in all seriousness, I would never have thought that I would open up my doors to fellow mommies and their little ones, let them run rampant throughout the first floor of my home, and not think twice.

And yes, I had my fears the first time someone came over to pick up me and my daughter for a few hours at the farmers market. And I certainly thought twice before letting someone come over and play, or when hubby dropped me off at someone's house for a few hours so Isabella and I could have communication with someone besides each other. And she was so tiny that there wasn't much happening between us verbally at that point!

And yet, here I am. After my most recent play date I will say that I have lost count of the number of times I've opened my doors and welcomed in strangers. But to me, these are friends, future friends and friends for my child. And I trust that we're all in this together, so it's worth it. I figure that opening my home to people who are just like me, or completely on the opposite end of the spectrum gives me an opportunity to meet new people, learn more about the mommies in my community, and make a number of new friends, and I haven't been let down yet!

So if you're out there and feeling kind of lonely, looking for some fellow moms to come over and play, check out The Mommies Network and find a group near you! You'll be glad you did. I know I am!

This post was written by Andrea Bates, username ACE1028 on TriangleMommies.

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