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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A click away

Back in the 1900's before there was the internet or phones mothers would gather around sewing circles, quilting bees, and corn huskings to socialize. At these gatherings women found friendship, support, and a sense of community. They would share recipes, dress patterns, stories of their families. They would offer advice and support one another. These women treasured their times together. They came to rely on each other during harsh times, laugh and joke during happy times, and cry together during sad times.

When I became a stay at home mother I was excited to dedicate most of my time and energy to my daughter. Soon, however I found myself desperately searching for socialization with other mothers. What had happened to all the get togethers from the past? Have mothers become so busy in the hustle and bustle of modern day life that they don't have time for one another? I started to worry that I would become a hermit of a housewife and mother who's only conversations during the day consisted of things like "the cow says moo". Finally one day online I stumbled on The Mommies Network which directed me to At last I had found a place where I can communicate with other moms. A place where moms can brag about their children and not have sighs or bored looks. A place where recipes are swapped, household tips are shared, jokes are told and most of all support of other understanding mothers. I have met women who have become dear friends. Now I always have something to do, whether it is a playdate, mommy morning out, or the most desired mommy night out. AsheboroMommies has become such a blessing in my life. There I have found support, friendship, and the sense of community that I was searching for. Mothers have not abandoned the traditions from our maternal ancestors. It has just become a mouse click away.

This post was written by Debbie H, a member of AsheboroMommies.

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