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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Third Quarter 2008 in Review

Another quarter has passed!? Here's a run down of what we did during July, August and September.

Opened 18 Mommies sites: NorthValleyMommies (CA), DetroitMetroMommies (MI), AshevilleMommies (NC), StLouisMommies (MO), SEIndianaMommies (IN), DelMarVaMommies (MD/VA), ColumbusGAMommies (GA), ChicagoMetroMommies (IL), AustinMommies (TX), HoustonAreaMommies (TX), NorthMetroDCMommies (MD), LittleRockMommies (AR), NoVAMommies (VA), KnoxvilleMommies (TN), CentralIllinoisMommies (IL), SWJerseyMommies (NJ), KanawhaValleyMommies (WV), BirminghamMommies (AL)

Opened 2 Dads sites: TriadDads (NC) & AtlantaAreaDads (GA)

This brings us to a total of 110 communities (9 of which are Dads sites) in 33 states and Ontario, Canada.

Formed an Operating Board
The Operating Board is responsibly for day-to-day operations of The Mommies Network and The Dads Network. They manage several teams of volunteers who help our new sites get off the ground, support our established sites, and troubleshoot technical issues. This team has admin-level access on all communities via username "TMN Operating Board" and can also be reached via
    Chelle Osborne - retired Site Admin for UnionCountyMommies (NC) and mom to twins, Chelle manages our 15 Mommies Network Administrators - current and retired SAs who mentor SAs of up to five established communities.
    Heath McCoy - retired Site Admin for CharlotteAreaDads (NC) and dad to three, Heath manages The Dads Network.
    April Rink - Site Admin for SWPiedmontMommies (NC) and mom of two, April manages our tech support team and is helping with the transition to phpBB 3.0.
    Amy Blalock - Site Admin for TriadMommies (NC) and mom of three boys, Amy manages several teams who help our new communities get more established.
    Margie Gilbert - retired Site Admin for SouthValleyMommies (CA) and mom of one (her husband is SA CentralValleyDads (CA)), Margie's team manages struggling communities.

Replaced a Board Member
We were sad to lose Amanda Anderson, who resigned from the Board to spend her spare time on other interests. She was replaced with former SLOCountyMommies Manager, Kristin Amundsen-Cubanski. Kristin has a B.S. and Masters degrees in Computer Science and works full-time from home as a software engineer. We are thrilled to have someone with a strong technical background on our team and look forward to several improvements that are underway.

Through her contacts, Kristin was able to get us a new server for free! She is working to get this set up, and also changing our hosting provider, to eliminate some of the frustrating problems we've all been experiencing on the sites. Please hang in while we work out the kinks and make some improvements to our infrastructure. We are putting some projects and sites on hold to make improvements, but it still takes time to get it right, especially when we're all volunteers.

Site Birthdays
Congratulations to the following communities!
Six Years - CharlotteMommies (NC)
Three Years - PeninsulaMommies (VA), RichmondMommies (VA), TriadMommies (NC)
One Year - BeckleyMommies (WV), NorthChicagoMommies (IL) (formerly ChicagoAreaMommies), LakeCountryMommies (OK), CharlestonMommies (SC), MidUpstateMommies (SC), NorthPiedmontMommies (NC), RoxboroMommies (NC), ChesapeakeMommies (MD), LincolnCountyMommies (NE), FayettevilleMommies (NC), GreenvilleMommies (NC)

Charitable Initiatives
Here is a summary of charitable initiatives our communities did during the third quarter.
    WilmingtonMommies (NC) held two school supply drives and partnered with WilmingtonDads (NC) in the Light the Night Walk, raising $1,325 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
    TriangleMommies (NC) had a school supplies drive, collecting from their membership as well as via a Staples store staffed with 15 TM volunteers during the tax free weekend.
    BaltimoreMommies (MD) had a school supply drive and collected 376 items.
    NWAtlantaMommies (GA) did "Operation Paperback" - collecting paperback books for overseas military personnel; and collected three garbage bags of stuffed animals for fireman to give to children who lost everything in a fire.
    SouthValleyMommies (CA) had a charity Bunco night, collecting household items and clothes for the Kings Community Action Organization, a local non-profit; made and served lunch to a crew working on a Habitat for Humanity house; and had a Charitable Baby Shower, collecting $1,200 worth of items for The Children's Dept at the Battered Womens Shelter.
    GwinnettAreaMommies (GA) held a school supplies drive, putting together 15 Smile Packs full of supplies for 2 Title 1 Schools in the area; sent out a large box of goodies to a soldier in Iraq each month; and collected 112 canned foods for a local food bank during their monthly meet and greet.
    LakeNormanMommies (NC) did their annual "flocking" (members pay to have a yard filled with pink flamingos), raising $2,881.50 for Barium Springs Home for Children.
    LincolnCountyMommies (NE) participating in the national Newborn's In Need Charitable Baby Shower, collecting 467 items via drop boxes they set up at local businesses. Items went to their local Women's Resource Center. They also raised $255 for Relay for Life.
    TriadMommies (NC) held an online auction and set aside $500 of the $1,564 collected to purchase materials to make blankets for Project Linus. They plan to make 52 blankets within the next few months.
    CharlotteMommies (NC) gathered and donated close to $1,000 worth of new and used toys that were given to State Troopers, Matthews Help Center, and the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services; held a Charitable Baby Shower donating items to Florence Crittenton Services; and had a school supplies drive, donating $450 worth of new school supplies to a local elementary school.
    UnionCountyMommies (NC) collected 1,576 school supply items for the Union County Department of Social Services.
    FresnoMommies (CA) "adopted" a room at a local family shelter, and made it beautiful.
    SWPiedmontMommies (NC) collected a trunk full of school supplies at events and gave them to a local elementary school.
    NorthPiedmontMommies (NC) held a diaper drive for The Genesis House, a local family shelter.
    ChesapeakeMommies (MD) collected a minivan full of new and gently used children's items for Birthright Crisis Pregnancy Center.
    HudsonValleyMommies (NY) held a food drive for The Highland Community Action, filling a large box the kids decorated and 3 bags for this food pantry.
    DanRiverMommies (NC) held a Charitable Baby Shower and collected $350 worth of new baby items for the Rockingham Pregnancy Care Center.
    RochesterMommies (NY) held a school supplies drive for a local city school; collected over 7 garbage bags of gently used stuffed animals for Bivona, an abused child advocacy center; and raised over $400 for the Autism Speaks walk.
Heather, Suzanne, Becky, Amy & Kristin
Board of Directors
The Mommies Network

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