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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Third Quarter 2007 in Review

In continuing our efforts to do a better job with communicating with community members, here's a quick review of what we accomplished in July, August and September.

Opened 11 new Mommies sites: BeckleyMommies (WV), ChicagoAreaMommies (IL), LakeCountryMommies (OK), CharlestonMommies (SC), MidUpstateMommies (SC), GreenvilleMommies (NC), NorthPiedmontMommies (NC), RoxboroMommies (NC), FayettevilleMommies (NC), ChesapeakeMommies (MD), LincolnCountyMommies (NE). This is the most new sites we've ever opened in one quarter.

Welcomed 3,083 new members to the Network, a 23% increase - so today we have over 16,000 members across 54 sites in 20 states.

Renewed our partnership with Carolina Parenting magazine (a free monthly parenting magazine published in three North Carolina cities) and extended it to cover all of the communities in the greater Charlotte, Triad and Triangle areas.

Celebrated the following community birthdays
    5 years: CharlotteMommies
    2 years: PeninsulaMommies, RichmondMommies, TriadMommies
Since we have opened 29 communities so far this year, we spent some time this quarter reorganizing and adding more experienced site admins and managers to our team. These changes will help us to support such a large and growing Network.
    Added two new members to our Board of Directors: Amy Sloan, founder of LakeNormanMommies and Candice Toy, founder of BaltimoreMommies. Together with Heather Meininger (co-founder of CharlotteMommies and founder of TMN), Suzanne Johnston (former site admin of CharlotteMommies) and Becky Sardo (founder of TriadMommies) this team is excited to work together and help The Mommies Network continue to grow and support more moms and dads. This change to our board will become official in January.

    Added the Network Administrator role to help guide each site as they grow and help them create the best support community possible. We are fortunate to have ten experienced site administrators serving in this role.

    Created three Stage Teams to help support our communities, with each stage encompassing sites of a similar membership size. Each stage has 2-3 Advisors (current site administrators and managers) and a Board member working to help each community grow, learn from each other and support it's members.

    Added four TMN Advisors to our team, to help us from a Network-wide perspective. We now have 4 Mommies and one Dad on our Advisory Team.
So in total we have five board members and 25 additional volunteers - all working to help us achieve our goal of helping moms and dads find support and friendship in their local community. You can read brief bios of our team on

We'd like to end this review by sharing some of the things our more established communities have done this quarter. We look forward to watching our site grow so more moms and dads can have such a positive impact for their members and their local community.
    SLOCountyMommies (CA) had an online auction and raised $4,346 for charity. The decided to give 75% of the money to the San Luis Obispo Children's Museum and 25% to The Mommies Network.

    TriangleMommies (NC) had a dinner in honor of their site founder, Marissa, who had "retired" as site admin. Instead of purchasing her thank you gift they brought cash donations to a charity Marissa selected - Pregnancy Support Services.

    LakeNormanMommies (NC) raised $1,565 by "flocking" their members (with a bunch of pink flamingos!). This combined with the online auction raised a total of $3,023 for

    CharlotteMommies (NC) donated $3,000 to help build two local parks, in honor of 2 slain police officers. They raised these funds via an online auction held in June.

    UnionCountyMommies (NC), CharlotteMommies (NC), YorkCountyMommies (SC), PeninsulaMommies (VA) & CentralPiedmontMommies (NC) all held very successful school supplies drives benefiting local children.

    AlamanceMommies (NC) sent their second care package to a soldier in Iraq - about 15 lbs of goodies! They hope to find a solider who is also a mom to sponsor next. One of the solders responded: "We all appreciate the awesome support and the goodies that were sent...It's always great to see the guys happy... Especially here. Small care packages speak volumes and the effect they can have on a young guy's morale can definitely make a difference."

    AtlantaAreaMommies (GA) Atlanta Area Mommies collected pillows for a local domestic violence shelter, trying to make sure every woman and child had a brand new pillow to sleep on when they arrived at the shelter.
Please don't forget to switch your standard search engine to to help pay for this free community! We appreciate the support.

Heather, Suzanne, Becky, Amy & Candice
Board of Directors
The Mommies Network

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