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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Team Updates as of 1/4/09 at 8am!

We have 367 people registered to write reviews already! WOW! Thanks to everyone =)

Here is the team update for the morning. We already have a great start on writing reviews just a few hours into the fundraiser - I will update every evening with review information.

Thanks for helping us raise funds for a new server! Visit to register your FREE account to help us raise more money!

Team Name / Members
TriadMommies 43
CentralValleyDads 3
BirminghamMommies 1
PhoenixMommies 5
LittleRockMommies 2
FresnoMommies 3
SLOCountyMommies 9
SouthValleyMommies 10
OrangeCountyMommies 1
SCValleyMommies 2
AtlantaAreaMommies 3
NWAtlantaMommies 4
GwinnettAreaMommies 7
SEGeorgiaMommies 4
HonoluluMommies 6
BoiseMommies 1
SEIndianaMommies 2
FrederickMommies 5
MidShoreMommies 1
BaltimoreMommies 17
ChesapeakeMommies 2
StLouisMommies 1
MyOmahaMommies 5
LincolnCountyMommies 3
VegasMommies 4
BuffaloMommies 3
RochesterMommies 1
AlamanceMommies 3
CharlotteMommies 35
HighCountryMommies 4
LakeNormanMommies 9
SandhillsMommies 2
SWPiedmontMommies 20
CentralFoothillsMommies 1
UnionCountyMommies 2
TriangleMommies 23
WilmingtonMommies 2
RoxboroMommies 2
FayettevilleMommies 8
JohnstonMommies 3
NorthFoothillsMommies 1
DanRiverMommies 6
AshevilleMommies 2
YorkAdamsMommies 1
YorkCountyMommies 14
CamdenMommies 1
CharlestonMommies 2
CentralTexasMommies 1
MidessaMommies 2
SaltLakeCityMommies 4
TooeleMommies 4
PeninsulaMommies 4
RichmondMommies 2
FredericksburgMommies 12
CentralVirginiaMommies 1
BeckleyMommies 3
KanawhaValleyMommies 1

If your site isn't listed, nobody has registered :(

I'll update with review totals later tonight! :D

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