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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fourth Quarter 2007 in Review

In continuing our efforts to do a better job with communicating with community members, here's a quick review of what we accomplished in October, November and December.

Opened 1 Dads site: FrederickDads (MD)
Opened 11 Mommies sites: FredericksburgMommies (VA), JohnstonMommies (NC), CarteretMommies (NC), NorthFoothillsMommies (NC), AsheboroMommies (NC), GwinnettAreaMommies (GA), NWAtlantaMommies (GA), SCValleyMommies (CA), ForsythMommies (GA), RochesterMommies (NY), SEAtlantaMommies (GA)

Welcomed 2,727 new members to the Network, a 16% increase

Celebrated the following community birthdays:
    1 year: BuxmontMommies (PA), SWPiedmontMommies (NC), FresnoMommies (CA), CentralTexasMommies (TX), MidShoreMommies (MD), SandhillsMommies (NC), YorkCountyMommies (SC)
Added our first Dads Network Administrator - Matt McAffee of CharlotteAreaDads (NC). Matt is working with our 5 Dads communities to help them grow and thrive, as well as helping us determine and provide for the unique needs of fathers.

Hired our first employee. Rachelle Watkins, a sales professional and mom in Charlotte, NC is now our National Sponsorship Manager. She is responsible for finding local and national businesses to sponsor our communities. Her focus is on the greater Charlotte, NC area as that is where we have the highest concentration of members, but her responsibilities are national. We are thrilled to have reached the point where we can work with a professional to provide a better cash flow to our organization, enabling us to continue with our mission of supporting more moms and dads. If you know of an organization who should be promoting their business to our members please contact Rachelle at

The holidays are a time of giving for many, and our communities are no exception. We are very impressed with the following list of things some of our communities have done this quarter. Thank you to everyone who participated in these efforts and the team members who made them happen.
    AlamanceMommies (NC), LakeNormanMommies (NC), HudsonValleyMommies (NY), RichmondMommies (VA) and CentralFoothillsMommies (NC) provided gifts and food for local needy families during the holidays

    SWPiedmontMommies (NC) collected items for Operation Suitcase, a program designed to assist local agencies in providing immediate and temporary needs for children being removed from abusive home situations.

    SLOCountyMommies (CA)
    collected children's coats during their Halloween party for "Coats for Kids"

    VegasMommies (NV) and RichmondMommies (VA) collected food and clothing for their local SafeNest, a domestic violence shelter for women and children.

    TriangleMommies (NC) had a "Winter Warm-Up" event and collected non-perishable food items, winter coats and gear for the Food Bank of NC and the Durham and Raleigh Rescue Missions. UnionCountyMommies (NC) had a coat and canned food drive for their local Department of Social Services.

    TriadMommies (NC) collected nearly 500 lbs. of food for their local Second Harvest Food Bank. HonoluluMommies (HI), AlamanceMommies (NC), CharlotteMommies (NC), CarteretMommies (NC), PhoenixMommies (AZ) and LakeNormanMommies (NC) also had food drives to benefit local organizations.

    LakeNormanMommies (NC), CarteretMommies (NC), PeninsulaMommies (VA), AtlantaAreaMommies (GA) and CharlotteMommies/CharlotteAreaDads (NC) collected toys and assisted in their local Toys for Tots program.

    PhoenixMommies (AZ) sent a care package to a Marine and his unit in Iraq.

    CentralPiedmontMommies (NC) participated in the Autism Walk and raised over $2,000. PhoenixMommies (AZ) raised over $1,000 participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.

    LakeNormanMommies (NC) made cards for the children staying at their local children's hospital during Christmas, and also participated in a radioathon benefiting a children's hospital

    CharlotteMommies (NC) had a "quacking" event that involved leaving a collection of little rubber ducks in member's lawns which raised $500 for the Autism Society.
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Heather, Suzanne, Becky, Amy & Amanda
Board of Directors
The Mommies Network

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